A Wordle-like inspired by Dungleon that uses characters from Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion.


A chill interactive NFT fishtank on Tezos.

Pixel Place

Pixel Place

A 64x64 canvas that anyone can draw to, powered by Tezos.

Versusville Website and 202X Patch

A re-imagining of the original Kenny vs Spenny website & the 202X Patch for Kenny vs Spenny: Versusville.

Trivia Unite

Trivia Unite

A trivia game made in ComputerCraft designed for 1-4 players powered by OpenTDB.


A Brainfuck interpreter made in GML using GameMaker Studio 2.


An mspaint clone that brings your art to life in the form of a miniature platformer game!

Twitch Plays Tomodachi

A social experiment where viewers from Twitch chat play Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS.

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