Development Info


Sole Developer & Musician



Development Time:

14 days

Release Date:

March 13, 2024

Game Info

Squirtfire is a beautiful 2D minimalist multi-game comprised of 3 different gamemodes. Each mode is based around the same player controller with different weapon types, movement modifiers, collectables, and objectives.

This game was submitted to S&box Game Jam 1 and won 4th place winning £1,500. I did all the gameplay, visuals, sound design and music all by myself over the course of the jam while also working on Ape Tavern’s submission GRUG as the lead programmer. It was a huge undertaking but a lot of fun and ultimately paid off.

The soundtrack was created in only 2 days of development time, and the tracks were later released on Youtube and streaming services.

Released on March 13, 2024