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Additional Programming & Music



Ableton Live

Release Date:

February 5, 2023

Game Info

The world's been flooded. All you have left is your Super Raft Boat… and your friends! Work together to expand your raft while fending off the strangely violent (and wealthy??) creatures of the sea in this multiplayer roguelike shooter. Will your crew survive and reach the Final Island?

Super Raft Boat Together is a multiplayer sequel to Super Raft Boat Classic with loads of additional new features and content. As I was the lead programmer and musician of the first game, I was invited to provide some additional programming assistance when needed for Super Raft Boat Together.

I also collaborated with Jake Currier (Okinoth) on the game’s main theme, which is based on the title song “Super Raft Boat” from Super Raft Boat Classic.

Released on February 5, 2023