Development Info


Sole Developer



Development Time:

1 week

Release Date:

January 14, 2024

Game Info

A rudimentary Sanbox gamemode made in S&box leveraging the latest Scene System technology!

When s&box entered it’s retooling stage, they launched with only one official Facepunch game titled “Walker”. It is meant to be a simple gamemode that enabled map creators to walk around their map and test it out. This wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to make Talker (now named “Scenebox”).

Scenebox is a basic Sandbox gamemode made so players can join a map together with friends, talk over voice chat, and spawn props (models) uploaded to the s&box UGC platform The game aims to help people creating content for s&box when they might not have the programming skills necessary (as the project is completely open-source).

Released on January 14, 2024