Development Info


Sole Developer



Development Time:

1 week

Release Date:

September 10, 2023

Game Info

An idle clicking tycoon game made in s&box using Lobby-based networking to see the progress of other people playing in real-time. You can also use the chat and see what achievements others are unlocking as they happen! There's over 200 upgrades, nearly 250 achievements, and around 20 different blessings for you to unlock through your many ascensions.

This game was made in a week as I noticed that the #1 most played game in s&box was S&tycoon followed by a literal re-upload of cookie clicker made without permission. So I took it upon myself to develop a game that had the spirit of both (Cookie Clicker-like gameplay with the multiplayer aspects of S&tycoon).

After releasing the game, it quickly grew to be the top trending s&box game for a few steady months. A few months after the release of the game, someone reached out to me and offered to re-write a lot of the game to make it more performant and easier to maintain. I accepted and they did a great job! The game has since been re-written again for s&box’s new scene retooling.

Released on September 10, 2023