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January 15, 2024

Game Info

A tool to create playable Rhythm Heaven custom remixes, with many customization options. Originally created by Starpelly under the name "Rhythm Heaven Mania', this project is now maintained by Megaminerjenny and developed by a variety of collaborators.

I assisted in programming “The Clappy Trio”, “Karate Man”, “Wizard Waltz”, “Mr. Upbeat”, “Rhythm Rally”, and “Drumming Practice” minigames. Not all code and systems that I implemented are still being used however due to the many changes that have been made to the project since I last worked on it.

Rhythm Heaven is the intellectual property of Nintendo. This program is NOT endorsed nor sponsored in any way by Nintendo. All used properties of Nintendo (such as names, audio, graphics, etc.) in this software are not intended to maliciously infringe trademark rights. All other trademarks and assets are property of their respective owners. This is a community project and this is available for others to use according to the GPL-3.0 license, without charge.

Released on January 15, 2024