Development Info


Sole Developer, Musician, and Artist


GameMaker 2023

Development Time:

8 months

Release Date:

August 1, 2023

Game Info

Half Hour Hexagon is a minimalist swarming survival game with roguelite elements where you must defeat waves of enemies in an endless map in order to reach the 30 minute mark. Earn gold during runs to unlock permanent weapons, abilities, and stat bonuses for future runs and master the art of the Hexagon.

Half Hour Hexagon is a solo project I made because I was really inspired by Vampire Survivors and wanted to add my signature arcade style to the genre. I also wanted to make a game that was entirely free-to-play so it was slightly more accessible than Vampire Survivors so it has it’s own market to stand in.

As the game was a solo project, I did all the programming, art, and music for the game. I also did all the design and balancing for the game. The game’s soundtrack is available on streaming services :)

Released on August 1, 2023