Development Info


Sole Developer, Musician, and Artist


GameMaker 2024

Development Time:

8 months

Release Date:

May 13, 2024

Game Info

In Crunky's Fun Rager, you play as Crunky, a bouncy energetic bunny seeking revenge against the mischievous Crunko Pops. Your goal? Keep Crunky hopping, dodge obstacles, and defeat enemies. Jump on Crunko Pops to squash them or collect power-ups that grant Crunky unique abilities.

Crunky’s Fun Rager is a solo project I made on-and-off over the span of 8 months (around 2 months of combined active development). I made all the art, sound effects, and music for the game (and of course the programming). The game is inspired by arcadey endless runners and score chasers like Jetpack Joyride, Doodle Jump, and even Downwell.

One of my design philosophies with this game is that everything should feel fluid and cohesive, which is why every menu flows perfectly into the next and you are never given a loading screen. Everything takes place in the same world as the game itself, which is a fun little detail I think players will appreciate.

The game also released with a $2 supporter DLC that grants players some cosmetics for Crunky which they can also show-off on the leaderboard.

Released on May 13, 2024