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GameMaker Studio 2

Development Time:

1 month

Release Date:

June 30, 2021

Game Info

So, you wanna bash some clouds huh? Well you've come to the right place! Go through 10 worlds each with different cloud types and a boss that's out to take you down. Bash them all with your trusty bat and take back the skies!

I assisted with porting Cloud Bashers from Mobile to PC and HTML5. This involved updating the project from Game Maker Studio 1.4 to Game Maker Studio 2.3, and fitting the entire game to play in a 16:9 ratio as opposed to 9:16. Cloud Bashers was riddled with outdated code and horrible code formatting (sorry 15 year old jason) so I took the liberty of cleaning up the majority of the original code so it would function properly and become easier to work with. This resulted in rewriting about 75% of the game’s codebase.

I was also the one who spearheaded the project as a whole as I showed interest in the original game and wanted to see it come to Steam in some way, shape or form.

Released on June 30, 2021