Plates of Fate (Gmod)

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Garry's Mod

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Inspired by Plates of Fate and Plates of Fate: Mayhem.

I was hoping to jam this gamemode out in a month or so but ended up losing interest at some point. Unfortunately these screenshots are all that remain of the game.

The map was made by Laura Sofia which turned out really well. Here’s some documented progress on the map:

Humble beginnings… The skyscraper structure

A fenced area around what would become the playspace

A generator area nearby in the lobby area

Originally you would spectate from below in this iteration of the map, so it was decorated in a way that looked good from below

The orange trigger area is where the plates would spawn, with the small green player_info_start is where players would spawn in the lobby

Funnily enough, the reason I started the project is because facepunch had just formally announced S&box, and this project has since been superseded by Plates of Fate (S&box).