Friday Night Funkin' Mods

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Release Date:

May 20, 2021

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Despite being tagged as “unreleased”, you can download a windows build that has a few mods in it here.

Bomb Sniffing Bopeebo

A recreation of Bomb Sniffing Pomeranian but in the style of Bopeebo. This is heavily inspired by Bopeebo Rumble.


An FNF version of JerryTerry’s ReDoin. This would have been for a VS HH (hhgregg) mod but never did more than this.

Cat One

This would have been the first song of a 6 song (3 songs all with “EX” versions) mod featuring a cat character. I never got around to furthering this idea so I just made the music and charting with the hhgregg assets I already made.

Cat One EX

This is the EX version of Cat One.

Horse (Bouncecore Edit)

This is an unfinished and buggy modchart of Salvatore Ganacci/Dj Noriken - Horse (Bouncecore Edit), made to emulate the NotITG collab of the same song. This mod is not included in the build linked above as I no longer have the files, this video is all that remains.

Released on May 20, 2021